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Ulrics Phantom Main Page!

You are the Phantom rider!

Before Entering, a little Introduction:

This is Ulric your host speaking.Before you enter the magnificant world of the Phantom,in swedish "Fantomen" Id just wanted to inform you on a little history lesson.

For sixty years he has captured a hole world, this mysteries and masked man who has been fighting evil and fairness. Created in 1936 makes him one of the first comic heroes to appear, and still people all around the world follows his destiny and adventures.The Phantom "Fantomen" was late in Sweden (were I come from).It was first publiced in the 1940s´.There for some of the episodes from the early 1930s´has never been publiced for the swedish croud to read,(sad). When the Phantom first came out in Sweden the paper rolls that was supposed to print the comics med the wrong colour.It was printed blue here.In America it was printed its original colour "Lilack"=lila.In other countrys like Italy, France, Spain, and Turkie the Phantom has a red suit and blue/black strapped pants.In Brasil he wears a red suit with yellow/black strapped pants.

Well that just about settles the Introduction for my page.Now go on surf my page.Make a bookmark here for I am updating more constantly.

Bye the way my favorite Phantom episode in the swedish magazine "Fantomen" is

"Vikinga-Borgens gåta"(FA nr.7 1997)

"Ibismysteriet del 1-4"(FA nr.21-24 1993)

I also liked "Mörkrets Furste" (FA nr.18 1988) and

"Mord i Blick" (FA nr.25 1994).

To Enter the Cave Press the Belt below!

Enyoj the Ride.Please E-mail me your favorite "Fantomen" episode.Name then number and year.Also if you have any facts, pictures, links and more feel free to E-Mail me:

Den här sidan är gjord av Ulric von Horn.