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Made by Ulric von Horn

Defently worth waiting for!

Here you are finally inside the Phantom Cave developed by Ulric.In here you can choose from many categories to do.Why not visit them all.Dont forget to make a bookmark for there is more to come in the Phantom Cave of wonders!

To enter a category just click the icon.

Download the trailer from the Phantom.Also available on my movie Page, below. (Quicktime 2696 kb)

My very own Phantom movie page.Choose from diffrent categorys.

Choose from diffrent categorys in the Phantom Photo Album.

My dedication to Lee Falks.

Its easy and its fun.Which Trone-picture do you like the best.Vote!

Every Page has got to have Links. Its usually boring, but not this one. Ive taken logos to all the Links.Its really worth entering!

A list off Phantom names used in the world.

When you push this button lightning stands still.

A Phantom Quiz.Not one of mine thou.